Bb CRM is a complete billiard and tennis club management system.

Online. From any device

Main functionality of Bb CRM

Client base

  • Authorization via SMS
  • Discount management
  • Statistics
Client base


  • Booking calendar
  • The ability to integrate with the site


  • Create orders
  • Inventory
  • Stock management


  • Create orders
  • Opening and closing tables
  • Automatic light control


  • Place attendance
  • Comparison of periods
  • Schedules Shifts and employees: various access rights (bartender, administrator, manager), detailed statistics on shifts and employees


  • The ability to control the billiard room from any device, including a smartphone
Mobility Mobility

Billiard table management

  • Automatically turn on and off the light when opening/closing tables
  • The ability to set the table to pause
  • Printing receipts
  • Possibility of setting different tariffs on different tables depending on the day of the week and time
  • Detailed calculation of discounts upon client authorization
  • Displaying a list of free and occupied tables on a separate screen or TV

Clients and reservations

Client's card

  • Details of the client
  • The ability to change information about the client, the amount of his discount (separately for the bar and billiards)
  • List of his orders

Client base

  • Search for customers by phone number, name
  • Convenient addition of regular customers
  • Automatically add a new customer when creating a booking
  • Ability to send SMS


  • Booking calendar, with a choice of periods
  • The ability to search for reservations
  • Automatically add bookings from the site
  • Possibility of integration with other systems via API
  • Booking statuses: confirmed, requires confirmation, paid booking
  • The ability to establish the source where the client came from: social networks, phone, etc.


  • The ability to compare different periods (both by day and by month)
  • Comparison of a bar and billiards by the number of orders, their order amount


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When paying for use per year - a one-page website for your billiard room with the possibility of booking tables for free

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Bar, warehouse, inventory

Warehouse management

  • Creation of inventory acts, the ability to compare them
  • Write-off and receipt of products through the creation of invoices
  • Full detailing of goods sold per shift in invoices
  • Possibilities for filtering, searching and printing any documents (acts, invoices)
  • Creating goods through ingredients


  • Convenient creation of orders in the bar from any device
  • Ability to apply discounts, print receipts, leave comments on orders
  • Simultaneous work with several orders - it is not necessary to close one order to create another
  • Product filtering by category and search
  • Displaying the balance of goods in the warehouse when ordering

Integration assistance

We help integrate Bb CRM and train your staff. In addition, we provide 24/7 technical support for free! We are constantly updating our service and are ready to finalize it especially for you. All updates are also provided free of charge.

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